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All prices are in euros (€)

Please use an online converter to convert to your own currency. I will create the invoice or listing in euros (€).
Prices per plush do not include shipping or possible custom fees. I am in the Netherlands, Europe.

General pricing info

My regular sized plushies (max size of about 50cm) range from about 150 to 900.

Please feel free to contact me for a price quote for your specific character.

The price of a plush depends on a few factors:

- Complexity
A plush with lots of details, like a lot of different colors, body markings, complex shapes, a special pose or an outfit will be more expensive than a simple design. The more detail, the higher the price.
To give you an idea, click the following links to see a few examples:
Simple: Mr. hicklepips, Angel Bunny
Moderate: Pinkie Pie, Scribbles
Complex: Faerie Ixi, Maud
Very complex: Ember, Luna

- Have I made it before?

If I have to make a custom pattern for your commission, it will be more expensive than if I already have a pattern ready. The designing and testing of the new pattern takes a lot of time. Especially if it's an OC or a one-off plush, you'll be paying for the development of the pattern as well.

- Size

Size is only a small factor in the price, it mostly affects the material costs. Even if the plush is small, it will often still require the same detail and the same amount of work. Very large plushies (50cm+) will obviously be more expensive, because they require different techniques and a lot more sewing time.

Starting prices for ponies and most animals (or similiar characters I've made before):

Above prices are starting prices. They are based on the least complex character designs. Feel free to contact me for a price quote on your character of choice.

Here’s a list to give you an idea of what increases the cost:

    Prices below are for sizes upto about 20 inches / 50cm. Life sized upgrades will cost more.
  • Regular unicorn horn:  + 15
  • Princess or special horn:  + 20
  • Closed wings:  + 40
  • Open wings:  + 60
  • Open Princess wings:  + 70
  • Closed bat wings:  + 45
  • Open bat wings:  + 65
  • Open bug wings (Changeling):  + 60
  • Fetlocks/fluffy hooves:  + 50
  • More than 1 color hair:  + 30 - 60
  • Princess hair or extreme mane or hairstyle:  + 30 - 90
  • Body markings:  + 15-?? (depends on the markings!)
  • Holes in legs (Changeling):  + 60
  • Gradient airbrushing:  + 15 - ?? (depends on the detail and amount)
  • Rhinestones:  + 15 - ?? (depends on the amount)
  • 3D eyelashes:  + 20
  • Custom eye design embroidery:  + 15
  • Custom Cutiemark embroidery (pony OC):  + 15
  • Plush as a purse with zipper and removeable shoulder strap:  + 45 (available for medium size and up)

Clothing and accessories (in combination with the plush):

  • Princess Accessories (crown, necklace, shoes):  + 60
  • Socks:  + 20 - 50
  • Scarf:  + 20 - 50
  • Collar:  + 20 - 40
  • Glasses (magnetic):  + 25 - 45
  • Bow/ribbon:  + 20
  • Small cape/capelet:  + 35 - 45
  • Full cape:  + 45 - 65
  • For (full) outfits and armor: Please contact me for a quote.

New: Life sized ponies

Crafting time: ~3 months
Shipping costs: 45 worldwide, €30 within the EU.

Above prices are starting prices. They are based on the least complex character designs, i.e. an earth pony with one-colored hair. Prices will go up depending on complexity of the character. Feel free to contact me for a price quote.

Shipping costs

I ship worldwide. All shipping includes tracking information and insurance (signed for delivery).


I ask for full payment up front. Shipping costs may be paid after the plush is finished.

I can accept a 50% payment up front and 50% after completion for canon characters only (= known characters, for example from a tv show). In special cases, payment plans are available; feel free to ask to me about it.

The following payment options are available:

If you’re a buyer from the Netherlands or really anywhere else in Europe, bank transfer is also possible.

Please note that I do not accept any other payment methods. No DA points, no sending cash, checks, etc.
The price on the invoice or listing will be in euros (€). Paypal or Etsy will automatically convert this to let you pay in your own currency.
Any and all customs related fees are the responsibility of the commissioner. I will not cover any unexpected customs fees.

Terms and conditions

Above prices are valid starting prices until a new pricelist is uploaded. Prices are subject to change. Prices are non-negotiable. There are no discounts for ordering more than one plush at the same time.

By commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

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