Frequently asked questions

Pricing and buying

How much is a plush?

You can find starting prices here.
Prices depend on complexity of the character, please contact me so I can give you a specific price.

Why so expensive?

If you feel that my products are too expensive, here's some useful info.

You are buying a handmade, customised product, that I put a lot of time and effort into making. I do my best to make something that you will love and cherish. High quality materials, labour hours, quality machinery and equipment all factor into the final price.

These are not mass produced factory toys - they are one of a kind art pieces that can take 10-50+ hours to make. I take great pride in making each piece the best I can.

If you do not like my pricing please consider purchasing a mass produced/official plush instead, or find someone that may suit your budget more.

Where/when/how can I buy a plush?

You can check out my current stock at
If you want a plush custom made for you, you can commission me.

How do commissions work?

A commission is a custom order made for you.
I open rounds for commissions every few months. When I do, I take only a few slots. I'll announce on my social media accounts when a round opens.
You have to contact me with your order details on that specific date. You can contact me for a price quote any time before placing an order.

Can I get a discount if I order more than one plush?

I'm afraid not. Every plush is made with greatest care. Commission slots are limited and it doesn't work in my favour to offer a discount when I could be making a full price plush for someone else.

Can I trade with you?

I do not do a lot of trades, sorry. I'm trying to build a business, so I like to get paid for my work so I can keep investing in Meplushyou.


What materials do you use?

I use a super soft plush cuddle fabric called Minky. I buy it from most of the time.

Which sewing machine and other tools do you use?

I use a PFAFF Ambition 1 sewing machine. I started off with a Brother INNOV-IS 20 LE.
For my embroidery I use a Brother V3 and a Brother INNOV-IS 700e embroidery machine. To make the embroidery designs, I use a program called Brother PE Design (which came with the embroidery machine).

Do your plushies contain metal wires?

Generally: no. I like to make plushies with as much soft materials as I can. Some accessories may be made with different materials.
If I do think the plush will benefit from an internal structure (wire or different), I'll discuss it with you first.

Do your plushies come from a smoke and pet free home?

My house is completely smoke free and me and my partner do not smoke. We do however have two cats. They do not touch my fabrics or plushies, but if you have extreme cat allergies please let me know when you commission me.


Can my plushie be washed?

Your custom plush cannot go into the washing machine. Use spot cleaning to clean your plushie instead.
Here's a handy cleaning guide.
Other than soap you an also use rubbing alcohol. It does nothing to the fluffiness of the minky fabric, even if you scrub very hard. It leaves no residue, it sanitizes and removes stains. The alcohol smell is strong for a little while, but after leaving them to air the smell goes away with nothing left but super soft and clean minky.

Can I handle the plush a lot?

The plushies I make can definitely be cuddled and handled! The only downside to frequent handling is that the stuffing may become less compact.
They aren't suitable for rough play though, so please take care when giving it to a child.

Plush types

What is a beanie plush?

A beanie style plush is typically posed lying down. Their legs are filled half way with plastic pellets, to give them weight. Their joints are lightly stuffed so they are 'floppy'. They can be draped over your shoulder and their legs can be slightly posed/folded.

What kind of plushies do you make?

I've not yet received a request I could not / did not want to make - so feel free to challenge me.
I've made MLP, Pokemon, animals, humanoids, etc. I've made them very tall and very tiny; with and without clothing and accessories, with minky fabric and with other fabrics.

Making plushies

How did you start making plushies?

I've been making plushies for a few years now. I started with simple plush shapes made of fleece fabric. The first plushies I made to actually sell were my deer plushies. They were made with minky, combined with a cotton fabric with a fun pattern. Their eyes were made with plastic safety eyes.
I wanted to give more character to my plushies, so I got myself an embroidery machine. And with that, I started making "My Littie Pony" style plushies; those really got me hooked.
So far I've made well over 50+ custom plushies of all kinds, in all shapes and sizes ^_^

How did you learn to make plushies?

I had some basic experience with a sewing machine when I started. I learned a lot from looking at other patterns, mainly the ones from Valleyviolet. I've looked up various youtube videos, for example on how to do a proper invisible ladder stitch to close the plush from the outside.

Can you help me make my own plushies?

Feel free to message me on my social media accounts with questions, I'd be happy to answer.

To get you started, have a look at existing patterns and tutorials - there are a lot of them out there. Google, Pinterest and DeviantArt are your friends when it comes to finding free patterns and tutorials. It also helps to buy a good, well documented pattern, for example on Etsy. If you want to make pony plushies, I highly recommend Valleyviolet's patterns.

For specific help on learning how to sew, check out youtube videos ^_^

Here's a list of some other great pattern makers:

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